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Professional Dry-cleaning and Laundry delivered straight to your door.

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We Do Laundry Safely

Free Pickup and Delivery | Anti-Bacterial & Sanitizing Rinse

Only our equipment is certified for biosafety to kill viruses and harmful pathogens. We protect families by destroying Coronavirus and germs.

Minimum Order for Wash-Dry-Fold Service: Only 15lb! ($27)

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Is there a minimum order for Pickup and Delivery?2020-09-15T14:44:07+00:00

There is a minimum charge of $25.00 per pickup for our wash-dry-fold service (15lb). There are no pickup and delivery fees!

We accept orders under the $25.00 but those orders will be subject to a $7.99 delivery fee.

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Please note that any itemized pieces including comforters/blankets, bath mats, or kitchen mats included in your Wash & Fold order are washed and dried separately to follow their specific care instructions.

How do I schedule my first pickup?2019-04-06T02:26:23+00:00

Just click here to create your free account online and get started! It only takes 2 minutes 🙂

More comfortable calling instead? No problem! You can also email at

What can I expect to happen on my first pickup?2019-04-06T01:52:32+00:00

Easy! That’s how it works:

1.) Picking up your order.

  • Once your order is scheduled and accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from us.
  • You’ll receive a reminder on the day before your pickup with an estimated time of arrival for your valet.
  • Prior to your valet arrival, please prepare and sort your clothes and other items that will need cleaning accordingly and have them ready to go in a bag with your name.
  • If you have both laundry and dry-cleaning items, please use separate bags so we can clean your clothes accordingly.
  • If you have any special instructions regarding your clothes and other items (e.g. stains), please inform your Valet. You can also set your personal cleaning preferences on your account.
  • Finally, just put your laundry outside or wherever you have designated and we will take care of the rest! Our standard service turn-around time is 3 days after pickup.

2.) Cleaning your order. 

  • After pickup, for wash-dry-fold service we will weight your laundry bag in our store by using our certified digital scale. For shirt-laundry and dry-cleaning service, we will itemize and carefully inspect your garments to be cleaned.
  • Then, you will receive a detailed email including list of the items you put in our care.
  • For your protection and overall peace of mind, we have also built multiple layers of inspection and control to ensure high-quality.

3.) Delivering your clean order. 

  • Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email with an estimated time of arrival for your Valet (between 12pm and 4pm).
  • Your Valet will deliver your clean clothes to your door. Be sure to open your bags to let your clothes breath and confirm that all is well with your order.
  • We will provide you with our free color-coded bag (blue for wash-dry-fold, green for dry-cleaning) to be used for your next order!
Can I receive a delivery if I’m not home?2019-04-06T01:50:08+00:00

We offer “personless” pickup and delivery for customers who cannot always be present during the designated pickup/delivery time slots, given their busy schedules.

“Personless” pickup and delivery allows our Valet to pick up or deliver your order without you having to be available. Here is how it works:
  • If you opt to utilize “personless” pickup or delivery, we ask you to consider that our Valet has access to a safe place to deliver and pick up your clothes. Typically, this means you can leave your laundry in front of your main door, on the porch, or buzz us into your apartment building remotely or with a building manager, but every situation is different.
  • If you like, we can provide you with a hang bar that you can place on your door.
  • You can leave the order you would like for us to pick up on the hang bar in the designated area and our Valet will know to pick up these items for cleaning.
  • For delivery, you can just place the hang bar on your door and our Valet will place your clean items on the bar, mark your order as delivered, and you will receive an email/text message confirmation to notify you that your order has been successfully delivered.
How much does your service cost?2021-03-15T01:51:53+00:00