Laundromats provide an Essential Service to the Community.

Laundromats provide and maintain good public health & hygiene.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests washing clothing items using the warmest appropriate water setting and

making sure to dry them completely



Due to the CDC’s request for “Public Distancing”

We kindly ask you to WASH-DRY-GO and do the following:

• Schedule your trip to the Laundromat during Off‐Peak hours (before 5pm during the week, also before 12pm or after 5pm on weekends )
• If you are a Fascard Loyalty User, please check the machine activity and availability from the Fascard App prior to coming here
• Do not shake dirty laundry
• Please consider sitting in your car while your clothes are in the washers or dryers.
• Please remove your laundry from our machines promptly.
• Wash your hands frequently. Use our Hand Sanitizers.
• When in the Laundromat please try to maintain a safe distance to other patrons. Remember the CDC recommends a 6 foot separation.
• Consider folding your clothes at home.

Thank you for your Cooperation. This is all new territory for all of us and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
We will get through this challenge together.