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Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

See. Touch. Smell the Difference.

Tired of your clothes being lost or damaged at the cleaners – or not getting really clean?

Try our eco-friendly dry cleaning service. We give your clothes and other dry-cleanable items the best of care, and the quality of our service is top-notch.

Thanks to our environmentally friendly, PERC-free dry cleaning process, we are proud to provide Burlington  and surrounding cities with our professional dry cleaning service.

  • Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning
  • Professional Shirt Laundry
  • Expert Stain Removal
  • Household Items
  • High Quality at Great Prices
  • PERC-free Dry Cleaning Process

Professional Wear

From business suits to cocktail dresses, we keep you looking marvelous. Suits, sport coats, pants, skirts, blouses, dresses and formal wear are professionally cleaned, finished and ready for you to make a lasting impression. Our service involves both dry and wet cleaning processes based on what is best suited for the garment.

We pay close attention to your preferences to ensure your clothes come back clean, look like new and are just the way you like them!

Professional Dry Cleaning
Expert Shirt Laundry

Shirt Laundry and Ironing

Do you dread ironing your shirts on a Sunday evening, ready for the working week? Why not try our shirt laundry service, for a perfectly clean and crease-free finish without the hassle.
We understand that shirts need extra attention and effort to make them look ultra crisp and smart. Our experienced cleaners launder and press shirts ensuring all buttons are intact, colors are bright, and whites are white. We inspect all shirts and blouses before they are returned to you, so you can rest assured that your shirts are pristine and ready to wear.

Household Items

We’re happy to dry clean stuff you don’t wear, too!
Crisp, clean table cloths, napkins, sheets and pillowcases are the hallmark of fine restaurants and hotels. Our specialists can clean and press your linens so that you can enjoy same level of quality and luxury at home.
Let us clean your bedding and household linens including blankets, bedspreads, couch covers, curtains, drapes and down comforters in special machines that ensure maximum cleanliness, yet are delicate enough for the finest comforters. Down comforters will come back clean, fresh and fluffy.

Professional Dry Cleaning

We work diligently to remove stains and odors using an eco-friendly PERC-free solution that is tough on dirt and odor, but easy on your clothes and the earth.

It’s odor-less, biodegradable and delivers an impeccable clean without exposing your clothes or the environment to harmful chemicals, while being gentle on your skin.