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Winn Street Laundry Center offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for the restaurant industry, encompassing towel rental and cleaning, linen cleaning, and uniform cleaning. Each of these services is designed to meet the specific needs of restaurants, ensuring high standards of cleanliness and presentation are consistently maintained.

Towel Rental and Cleaning Service:
Our towel rental service is a key offering for restaurants. We provide high-quality, durable kitchen towels suited for the demanding environment of a commercial kitchen. These towels are designed for high absorbency and resilience, ideal for various kitchen tasks. Alongside the rental, our professional towel cleaning service ensures that these towels are thoroughly laundered, removing tough stains, grease, and odors. This combination of rental and cleaning allows restaurants to always have a supply of clean towels, without the need for investing in and managing their own stock.

Linen Cleaning Service:
For table linens, our cleaning service ensures that every piece – from tablecloths to napkins – is impeccably laundered. We understand that the appearance of these linens is crucial in creating a welcoming dining atmosphere. Our process includes using the best detergents and techniques to remove stains and maintain the fabric’s quality, followed by precise drying, folding, or ironing. This service is designed to keep your table linens looking pristine, enhancing the overall dining experience of your guests.

Uniform Cleaning Service:
Our uniform cleaning service caters to all types of restaurant staff attire, including aprons, chef’s coats, and other uniforms. Given the nature of restaurant work, uniforms are prone to getting heavily soiled. We use advanced cleaning methods to tackle tough stains and odors, ensuring that every uniform is not only clean but also presents a professional image. This service is vital for maintaining the high standards of appearance and hygiene that are expected in the hospitality industry.

By choosing Winn Street Laundry Center for these essential services, restaurants can streamline their operations, knowing that their linen, towel, and uniform needs are being expertly managed. Our commitment to quality and hygiene is unwavering, ensuring your restaurant maintains a polished and hygienic environment at all times.

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Demetri MarsdenDemetri Marsden
23:00 13 Nov 23
Super clean, fast friendly service they went above and beyond to make it a good experience! Thanks Winn Street Laundry
Ben RyterBen Ryter
22:45 13 Nov 23
Absolutely love this laundromat. The machines are newer and large capacity, which makes doing laundry smooth and efficient.
Sarah LeppoSarah Leppo
22:01 13 Nov 23
Love their drop off service! Clothes came back clean and folded perfectly. Staff was very professional and helpful.
Jonathan BryantJonathan Bryant
00:49 22 Jun 23
The machines never bog down like ive seen at other coin op laundromats. They have an excellent rewards program that is actually cool the day your laundry is done free on them and most importantly Sandra is kind and cool AF offering great conversation you wouldn't typically expect at an ordinary laundromat. Employees like this embody the effort and integrity I see in myself so I know that the owner is lucky to have her. You dont always see people this dedicated to service but I must give credit where credit is due.
Courtney RichCourtney Rich
15:34 26 May 23
I use Winn Street Laundry Center’s delivery service. They pick up weekly, wash/dry/fold and deliver it back to me. Super convenient and my clothes come back smelling amazing every single time. Did I mention their customer service is out of this world amazing!? Seriously, it’s like someone traveled around handpicking the nicest, most helpful people and they all ended up here at Winn street. 10/10 would recommend this place.