Looking for the Best Way to do Your Laundry?

Then you have come to the right place!

Why Choose Us?

Winn Street Laundry Center is the cleanest self-service laundry facility in Burlington,

offering a friendly environment and reliable laundry services.

Small or Large Loads?

We have different-sized washing machines to match your laundry needs. Our washers are equipped to hold 2, 4, and 6 loads at a time. That means there is no job too big or small for Winn Street Laundry Center!

In a hurry?

No more waiting around! With our new card system you can get alert to your smartphone or email when your washer or dryer is done. We have plenty of machines, and our dryers dry your clothes quickly and thoroughly.

Need detergent?

To make life easier for you, we sell only the best laundry supplies such as powder and liquid detergent, softener, bleach, bags and more.

Need change?

Our change machines exchange your paper money for coins to be used with our  traditional coin-operated washers and dryers.

Tired of coins?

No problem! With our updated washers and dryers, you can now use your loyalty card to enjoy a coin-free laundry experience. Opening a Loyalty account it’s quick, easy and free. Click HERE to Join.

Earn Bonus and Rewards!

Our self-service smart card reader laundry system continually adds bonus dollars on your loyalty account. Just wash and dry using your loyalty card and get $3 bonus when you reach 300 points!

Have a Question? Ask our Friendly Staff

We also have knowledgeable friendly attendants on duty to help with any questions or concerns you may have at that time.

Free WIFI & High Definition TV

While you wait for your laundry to finish, enjoy free WI-FI on your mobile or tablet device. Catch up on your news, sports, or talk shows while doing your laundry.

Those Are Just A Few Main Amenities, There Are Plenty More!

  • Big Washers and Dryers

  • ATM

  • Laundry Carts

  • Folding Tables