Wash Dry & Fold Laundry Service

Winn Street Laundry Center gets your laundry done so you can focus on things you love

Tired Of Doing Laundry?  Not Enough Time In The Day? 


Make the most of your day. We know life can be hectic with work, family, school, errands and such. Lighten your load and leave your laundry to us. Just drop it off and our friendly attendants will do the work for you.

We call it “wash, dry and fold” (some say “fluff & fold”), but it’s so much more! We take individual care of each of your machine washable laundry items – clothing, delicates, linens, blankets, comforters – you name it! Whites, colors, and delicates are separately washed and returned to you fresh, clean and neatly folded and hung on hangers.

  • Same Day Service: drop off by 10 am, ready by 5pm

  • Separation of colors and whites

  • Washing with eco-friendly professional washers

  • Dedicated equipment for your load, never mixed with others

  • Premium brand products, scented or unscented soaps

  • Bleach for whites, color-safe bleach for colors

  • Fabric softener (or not!)

  • Delicate Wash Option

  • Professional Folding

  • Specific garment pre-spot stain removal

  • Match and fold all your socks

  • Your own soap if you desire!